Baklykta, höger


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{CITROEN JUMPER (I) Diesel 1.9 TD|CITROEN JUMPER (I) 2.0 +4WD|CITROEN JUMPER (I) Diesel 2.5 TD +4WD|FIAT DUCATO (II) 2.0|FIAT DUCATO (II) Diesel 2.5 TDI|PEUGEOT BOXER (I) 2.0i|PEUGEOT BOXER (I) Diesel 2.5 TD|PEUGEOT BOXER (I) Diesel 2.5 TDI|CITROEN JUMPER (I) Diesel 2.5 TDI +4WD|FIAT SCUDO (I) Diesel 1.9 TD|FIAT DUCATO (II) Diesel 2.8 TD|FIAT DUCATO (II) Diesel 1.9 TD| |FIAT SCUDO (I) Diesel 1.9 JTD|FIAT DUCATO (II) Diesel 2.8 JTD|FIAT SCUDO (I) Diesel 1.9 D|FIAT SCUDO (I) Diesel 2.0 JTD|FIAT DUCATO (II) Diesel 2.8 D|FIAT SCUDO (I) 1.6|FIAT SCUDO (I) 2.0|FIAT SCUDO (I) Diesel 2.0 JTD 16V}


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